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La Bella AB-10 Akustik-Bass Strings extra light

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- Akustikbass Saitensatz Extra Light
- Roundwound Golden Alloy
- (80/20 Brass Alloy) Wound On Steel
- Long Scale
- Saitenstärke .040 .060 .075 .095
- Bright tone - long sustain
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La Bella AB-10 Akustik-Bass Strings extra light
La Bellas AB10 Golden Alloy Wound Series is composed of a unique bronze compound designed specifically to La Bella?s specifications. The alloy used for these windings produces a sweet tone. With the ability to sustain a long decay of sound, this distinctive set has a resilient string tension to ensure ease of playing. The Golden Alloy Wound sets are hand-wound with hard tempered wire, which is impervious to everyday string-wear and provides unparalleled string longevity.

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